PAYE 2019

Update on PAYE Modernisation

Revenue issued an update on the progress of PAYE Modernisation. Revenue received Payroll Submissions in January from employers for over 2.4 million employees, which accounts for 90% of all employees registered with Revenue. Monthly Statements were issued to employers on 5th February confirming the information filed by the employers in their January Payroll Submissions and advising them that any amendments must be completed by 14th February. Statements will be ‘deemed’ to be a Return on the 14th February where no action is taken by the employer. Employers are reminded that in addition to filing the Monthly Return, they are required to pay the January liability by the 23rd February (23rd April for Quarterly filers). Revenue contacted approximately 65,000 employers who were issued with a ‘Nil’ Statement (as no Payroll Submissions were received in January) to ensure they are aware of their obligations. The update also indicates that Revenue intend to make the relevant payroll information available to employees shortly via myAccount so employees can see their pay, tax, USC and PRSI details in real time, hence Revenue has stressed the importance of accurate and timely Payroll Submissions from employers.