Important Notice for PAYE Customers: Enhancement of our PAYE Services in myAccount

Important Notice for PAYE Customers: Enhancement of our PAYE Services in myAccount

**This Notice is also available on the Revenue website in the News section**
Revenue is further enhancing our online services for PAYE customers to make it quicker, easier and more convenient for you to manage your tax.
You can now access the various PAYE services including PAYE Anytime, Form 12 and the ‘Jobs and Pensions’ service from the new PAYE Services card in myAccount.
PAYE Services allows you to quickly and easily claim tax credits, declare income, claim refunds, submit a tax return and tell us about a new job or private pension and you will have access to these services from all smart devices like mobile phone, tablet etc.
To claim credits, declare income or divide your tax credits and rate bands for 2017, you should go to the ‘Manage your tax 2017’ link on the new PAYE Services card.
If you want to claim credits or refunds for previous years, click on ‘Review your tax 2013-2016 (Form 12)’. If you are unable to access the Form 12 you should continue to use PAYE Anytime.
During 2017, we will be replacing our PAYE Anytime service and we will update you again when that happens.

Revenue recently launched a new mobile application called RevApp and it is available to download free from the Apple, Google or Windows Store. This app will help you manage your tax affairs on the go.

RevApp provides you with quick and easy mobile access to myAccount, MyEnquiries, Calculators and Tools and Receipts Tracker.

Receipts Tracker

Receipts Tracker is a new service that allows you to record and manage receipts for your expenses including health expenses. It also provides the option for you to upload your receipts information and images to Revenue storage. If the image of the receipt is clear, readable and complete, you do not have to keep the original receipt.
Further information on myAccount, RevApp and the Receipts Tracker can be found on our website.

Kathleen Redmond
Planning Division
Revenue Commissioners